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BlueStacks AdFree MOD + BSTweaker

BlueStacks App Player is a platform which allows you to run android applications, including games on your PC, laptops. Through this software users can use google play store and download any application with it or they can install APK application file directly. This software can connect your Android device to Windows directly, hence via these features, you can share or transfer your file android tablet to windows. BlueStacks looks pretty neat and fits simply into the Windows interface.

BlueStacks Setup & AdFree MOD Download

MOD Exe Benefits

  • App Center removed.
  • Help Center removed.
  • Only “My Apps” Tab kept.

Offline Setup:Version:Setup Size:Modded EXE:
BlueStacks MBBluestacks.exe
BlueStacks N Beta4.0.2.1002373.26 MBBluestacks.exe

BlueStacks Tweaker 4


  • BSTweaker is a third-party tool to customize/modify BlueStacks

BlueStacks Tweaker 3, BSTweaker 3, BlueStacks Premium, BlueStacks MOD, BlueStacks Rooted


  • General information about BlueStacks // path to program folders, version, disk image sizes (* .vdi), running services
  • Startup / Stop / Forced shutdown of all processes / services / drivers // helps with infinite loading
  • Getting Root // binaries su is taken from superuser_X_PRO_vX-48.apk
  • Disabling the Windows with payment request and One Time Setup
  • Changing the IMEI / Subscriber ID / Sim Card Serial / Wifi MAC address / Android ID // After applying the patch. The change works only in HDPlus mode – after launching BlueStacks, check that the BstHdPlusAndroidSvc and BstkDrv services are started instead of BstHdAndroidSvc and BstHdDrv
  • Modifying the device model // The files provided by the developers with models and operators, broken down by country, are used as the phone base
  • Change Google Advertising ID // Advertising ID from Google
  • Change the internal resolution of BlueStacks // External resolution is edited by the regular means of BlueStacks through the menu Preferences / Preferences
  • Change DPI // Screen density
  • Change RAM // Maximum value is 4096MB or 1/2 from installed RAM (Lower of the values)
  • Copy files / cache from the computer to the BlueStacks and back. // Direct copying to / from the BlueStacks directly to the desired folder (same as copying via TotalCommander with adb-plugin, but copying should be an order of magnitude faster).
  • Reduce the data folder to the real size. // Compress the .vdi images to the actual size that the installed applications occupy
  • Work in multiple profiles. // Possibility to create several copies of BlueStacks with different set of programs. You can only run one copy at a time.
  • Removal of pre-installed icons from the desktop BlueStacks
  • Full disabling of the service BstHdLogRotatorSvc
  • Disabling the advertising banner in BlueStacks 2.6 and higher
  • Disabling the window Logging in via Google // The window that appears immediately after the launch of BlueStacks
  • Disabling the need to enter a Google account // The initial setup window, which occurs after startup. The built-in browser will not work.
  • Backup / restore settings // GUID (IMEI, Android ID, WIFiMAC), phone model, internal resolution
  • Complete reset / Reset to factory settings BlueStacks 3
  • Change wallpaper in BlueStacks 3
  • Change the size of internal memory and SD Card to BlueStacks 2 and 3
  • Disable automatic updates of BlueStacks
  • Receive Premium functionality in BlueStacks 3.
  • Disable Promo Icons
  • Change themes

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